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Welcome to WineDoc® Winery Consulting
859 533-8759
If you want to start your winery, click HERE to make an email inquiry.
People come to WineDoc to get solutions to wine problems, 
or to develop a Winery
Wine Production Targets,  Pro Forma Business Plans,
Building Layouts and Equipment Specifications
From Concept to Bank Loan, Inception to Income
WineDoc will provide: 
Answers to: How Small to Start?, How Big to Start? and When to Start?
Solutions to winemaking problems
Winemaking assistance (Avoiding problems is easier than fixing them)
Mentoring, and a winemaking lifeline in person, by email, phone or text.
All Clients receive password protected access to:
Proven WineDoc Winemaking Protocols
WineDoc Lab Manual, and other helpful Information.
To see what I am prepared to do for you, go to: "Winery Design", or "Winery Consulting".
To see why I am prepared to help you, go to: "About Tom".
I look forward to working with you,
 Tom Cottrell
“Great wines are made in great wineries.  Great vineyards sometimes help.”
   Tom Cottrell, PhD
”If everything seems under control, you are just not going fast enough!"
Mario Andretti


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